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    Your #Positivity Stories

    Hugs from Strangers

    A great story was shared with me this morning. A friend of mine told me about how her daughter was at the mall and spotted someone wearing a Hashtag Positivity tee. Being the friendly kid that she is, this girl went up and mentioned that she had the same shirt. The "stranger" she approached responded by giving my friends daughter a hug. Whoever you are "stranger", thank you for being a wonderful representative of what Hashtag Positivity is all about. Continue to spread positivity and, if you read this, please reach out to me so that I can thank you myself. 



    I've been slacking! ...Kind of

    I have to apologize. I've been slacking on these blog posts for the past week or so. Usually, I like to post user submitted entries. I find it much more interesting to read something written by someone new each time. You all get to experience a new writing style, story, etc. with each new submission. When I don't have an entry to post from someone else, I fill in and write them myself. Well, I didn't have a submission to post for you last week, nor did I post one myself. I'm sorry! It's been crazy around here at Hashtag Positivity. As you probably saw, Jonas and I went to NYC last Friday. It was awesome! We met some really amazing people and heard some great stories. Some of them you saw, and some you didn't. We didn't film everyone's story because they were either camera shy, or were in uniform and couldn't be on camera while working. Most people were still willing to tell their stories and I'll share some of them with you this week. Besides the New York trip, there's also been a bunch of stuff going on behind the scenes here. We have some great projects in the works and I can't wait to reveal them when the time comes. Thanks for understanding friends!



    "I Dare You!"

      Your positive actions and words can make a much bigger impact than you know. It's easy to go about your day today, not talk to anyone new, and mind your own business. It's just as easy to engage with the people around you and leave a positive mark on their day. You never know what someone else is dealing with in their life. Maybe all they need to turn their day around is for you to say hello and smile. It's Easy!! 

      Hold the door. Let someone go ahead of you at the check out counter. Ask how someones day is going. Give a stranger a compliment. Smile and say hello. Pay for someones coffee. Call or text an old friend out of the blue. Leave a nice note for someone to find. 

      Pick one, or come up with something positive on your own and do it today. 



    "The Ripple Effect of #Positivity" Submitted by Theresa S.

    It is through small acts of kindness that I believe the greatest changes come from. Every morning at work I try to great each customer with a smile or happy greeting to make sure their day starts off positive.

    When it snows I clean off the snow of the car next to me because I know it will make someones day to be surprised with an act of kindness.

    While hiking I will usually pick up a piece of trash on my way out because it is important to me to leave the trail a better place than I found it.

    When running in road races, I try to encourage other runners because everyone needs someone cheering for them or motivating them to keep pushing themselves.

    I know these acts have a rippling effect which make the world a happier, more positive place because of my late friend, Cory Garwacki. Cory was born with a rare, life threatening illness called Short-Gut Syndrome. With this diagnoses many patients do not live past the age of 2. Cory survived to the age of 27. Throughout his struggles or hardships, Cory always had a smile and always looked for ways to help others. It is because of Cory that I push to look at the bright things of things as much as I can because he alway did. A foundation was created in honor of Cory, called the Cory J Garwacki Foundation. I volunteer at this foundation because I know it has a positive impact on the community.

    Cory taught me to be positive, to help others, and to always smile. I hope that by volunteering or through small acts of kindness I influence more people to be kinder, positive, and happy.

    I do it for the smiles!

      What drives you? Everyone has a different motivator in their life that keeps them moving forward every day. What is that for you?

      Today has been a great day so far. I finished working a 24 hour shift at the firehouse this morning and went directly to a business meeting. It was awesome. I love jamming on new ideas and getting feedback, whether good or bad. A fresh perspective is always helpful because, try as you may, you can't cover all of the bases yourself.

      I'm super excited for the direction Hashtag Positivity is headed. There are some big things coming and I can't wait to share them all with you. As I clicked my favorites bar and landed on our homepage, I couldn't help but feel a rush of happiness come over me. The pictures of all of you who support this project push me to try new things and inspire me to continue growing our community. Thank you for that. 

      So, what drives you? I do it for the smiles.